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Part 1 –  Defleet standard

 BVRLA2 Vehicle Standard Badges & Decals

All original manufacturers badges & decals should be in place and undamaged on return of the vehicle.

Viewing Angles

Bodywork must be viewed from a standard viewing angle, 2 meters at 90 degrees from the vehicle and/ or from an angle of 45 degrees each way {see figure below). Dent or paintwork defects deemed unacceptable must be visible from the standard viewing angle. Unacceptable defects visible from this view are defined below in the Paintwork and Dents paragraph.


Up to 4 stone chips per panel on forward facing panels are acceptable provided there is no rust showing. Any scratches where the metal is not exposed and/ or rusty and which can be polished out are acceptable. Touch in repairs are acceptable provided there is good colour match and not easily visible from the standard viewing angle.

Scratches to paintwork that exceed 100mm in length or number more than 4 per vehicle are unacceptable. However, light scratches around door apertures, keyholes and fuel filler caps are acceptable. Colour mismatch between panels, penetration marks, visible over spray or dirt in the paint is unacceptable. Any sign-writing/ transfers should have been removed with no damage to paintwork.


Minor body dents are acceptable as Fair Wear & Tear provided that;

  • They are less than 30mm in diameter and there are no more than 4 dents per panel
  • They have not interfered with a swage
  • They have not caused paint cracking or flaking

Previous repair damage should not be noticeable under normal scrutiny. Body panel misalignment is unacceptable

Bumper Sections and Rubbing Strips

Scratches and/ or abrasions to painted bumpers and side rubbing strips are acceptable provided they do not penetrate through to the base material and are less than 100mm in length. There should be no more than 2 per vehicle. One dent per bumper and one dent per rubbing strip are acceptable if they are less than 30mm in diameter.

Window Glass & Lamp Lenses

Stone chips to windscreens less than 2mm in size are acceptable providing they do not obscure the drivers line of vision and/ or there are not more than 3 chips on the windscreen. Cracks or chips within the driver’s sight line would require windscreen repair/ replacement in line with the current MOT legislation.

Poor previous repairs or chips showing signs of crack development which are visible from a distance of 1 meter are unacceptable. All lamps must be operational. Lenses with minor chips or cracks are not acceptable.


All tyres should have a minimum tread depth corresponding to current legislation and be free of damage. The tread should show no uneven wear through under or over inflation, or wheel misalignment. The spare tyre should be in place and meet the above standard. Any replacement tyres fitted must be of an equivalent specification to the original equipment.

Wheels and Wheel Trims

All wheel trims must be intact with no more than minor scuffing due to everyday use. Missing or cracked trims must be replaced. Damage to alloy wheels must be removable by specialist polishing. Rim damage is acceptable up to the point of flange distortion to 25mm. Greater degrees of damage, or multiple damage to a single rim is unacceptable.

Interior Trim

The interior should be clean and tidy with no visible burns, tears or permanent staining to the seats, headlining or

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