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First Flexi Lease are the South West’s leading car hire and leasing service. We have a fleet of quality vehicles available to suit all budgets and needs.

If you want to rent vans and commercial vehicles, we are proud to be able to offer a fast and flexible service suitable for business, personal and commercial purposes. Flexible is in our name and it’s what sets us apart from the competition. Our clients enjoy flexible rentals, both long and short term, alongside minimal paperwork and checks. First Flexi Lease stand for a generous mileage allowance, no maintenance checks, no credit checks, and a wealth of additional benefits.

We were established in 2015 and are located in Exeter, Devon. We have become leaders in our field. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs.

Vans For Hire

We offer van hire and long-term lease for those who need a work vehicle or would just prefer the extra space. We stock leading brands in a wide range of finishes and wheelbases.

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Vehicles For Hire

Our company is on a mission to make car rental cost effective and stress free. For this reason, we have focused on affordability in relation to the length of your contract. We are one of the few Exeter-based companies to offer monthly short and long term deals. This is an ideal solution for those who suddenly find themselves without transport, or if a building company needs additional wheels on the ground to complete a commercial project.

Rent To Buy Vehicles

Alongside long & short term leases, we also offer rent to buy cars. The majority of lease agreements by other companies will not allow you to purchase your vehicle. As you would expect, First Flexi Lease do things a little differently. We give our customers the opportunity to own their vehicle after their contract ends, so if you find your perfect car or van, you don’t have to say goodbye.

Our top priority is to always provide our customers with flexible services that suit their needs and budget. We can help you find the best car for your requirements and organise a contract that works for you.
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Vehicles For Sale

Alongside our rental and leasing service we also sell vehicles. They can be de-fleeted or brand new. For our used car range, you can be safe in the knowledge that we maintain all of our vehicles to the highest possible standard. We are in a unique position where we can source certain makes and models quickly, so get in touch for further details.
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Car Rental & Hire Further Details & Quotes

For further information on our services, to arrange an appointment or enquire about sourcing a specific vehicle, get in touch.

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