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Car Leasing Company In Exeter

We are a car leasing company in Exeter that offers flexible and hassle-free services across the Southwest. We provide vehicle leasing and car hire packages with a difference. With us, you can enjoy benefits such as a wide range of makes and models, and you can change your vehicle every 6 – 12 months, depending on your contract. This means you get to choose a vehicle that accommodates your personal and financial circumstances, whether it’s a sports car for the summer or a 4×4 in the winter months.

We provide premium customer service, so to choose your new vehicle, get in touch with us today.

Why Choose Our Vehicle Leasing Company?

You will enjoy a range of benefits when you choose our vehicle leasing company. With our Flexi Lease contracts, we give generous mileage allowances. Our vehicles are usually brand new with delivery mileage. We also offer rent to buy contracts, de-fleeted vehicles and a range of special offers

Our cars and vans can be used for many purposes, including personal and business.

Personal Car Leasing

We have a huge range of vehicles on offer, from older models in brand new condition to all the latest models for personal car leasing. Our flexible service means you can change your car more frequently than a traditional contract hire or personal lease, whether it’s for travelling to work or across the country. 

You can experience your dream car without paying a premium price and receive all the benefits of a contract with no tie-ins.

Business Car Leasing

Our services are a great option for business car leasing. If you are an employer that needs company cars or you need a van for your business, speak to a member of our team today. 

Our cars and vans are a great choice if you are self employed or starting a new business, as you can enjoy a new vehicle that is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. For new starters on a probationary period, why commit to a traditional contract when you can rent for 6 months?

Contact First Flexi Lease Today

Get in touch with our car leasing company in Exeter to start driving your dream car. 

Whether you are based in Devon, Somerset, Cornwall or throughout the South West, you can enjoy a leased vehicle for a great price.

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