When Leasing Is Better Than Buying

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When you are making the choice whether to buy a car or lease, it can seem daunting. It all comes down to personal choice but there are many reasons why leasing is better than buying. Here at First Flexi Lease we have a simple model that makes leasing a vehicle so much easier and more affordable than you think.

Car Leasing Devon

We always advise our customers on the best option for them and their budget when car leasing in Devon. However, make sure you know what is and what is not included in your lease. We do not hide behind reams and reams of paperwork so you cannot see what you are paying for. Ours is an easy to follow lease and comes with the bonus of a brand-new car.

Advantages Of Leasing

As we have said, leasing a vehicle is easy with First Flexi Lease. With our plans there are no large upfront deposits and we offer good mileage allowance, no maintenance costs, no large final fees, and you get a new car every 6-12 months! These are but a few of the great reasons to lease with us.

When it comes to buying, the major issue is depreciation because as soon as you purchase the vehicle, it does range for 15-30% of your cars or vans value. With leasing, there is no need to worry about this or the hassle of selling.

Vehicle Leasing For Business

Leasing a vehicle for your business is the perfect way when you are starting out, or even for established companies! Your business can have a fleet of vehicles that are ready and fit for purpose, without the worry of large maintenance costs. If you are self-employed, having the right dependable vehicle to best represent you is key. Leasing is the perfect way to do this.

Vehicle Leasing Exeter

For vehicle leasing in Exeter, the best choice is First Flexi Lease. We hope you have a better idea of when leasing is better than buying and how it can work for you or your business. If you are looking for a car or van, contact 01392 249250 today and see the difference of First Flexi Lease.

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