What Are The Advantages Of Leasing An Electric Car?

Electric cars are becoming ever more popular in the motoring community and rightly so! Offering a somewhat futuristic sensation still, they are the future of motoring and we’re embracing it. We’re going to divulge some of the reasons why leasing an electric vehicle (EV) is the best choice you will make when it comes to transport, from environmental advantages to the cost effectiveness versus petrol & diesel motors.

What are the advantages of an electric car?

Aside from being able to tell your friends and colleagues that you drive an EV, they are usually packed with some amazing features to fully enhance your driving experience.

Volkswagen ID3

Better For The Environment

The most obvious advantage to leasing an electric car is how much better it is for the environment compared to standard motors. As they do not produce waste fuel products, they don’t contribute to negative air quality.

According to EDF Energy, over the course of a year one EV on the roads can save an average 1.5 million grams of CO2. The equivalent of four return flights from London to Barcelona.

The Electric Needed To Power An Electric Car

It’s often a talking point when electric cars are mentioned that the electricity needed to power an EV still needs to be produced. Research shows that even with electric generation, carbon emissions are roughly 20% lower when driving an electric car.

Volkswagen ID3
Volkswagen ID3

Improved Driving experience

Once you start to drive an EV you will instantly feel the advantages compared to an internal combustion engine (ICE).

Firstly, the battery’s weight & distribution are very different to a normal engine. This combined with the low centre of gravity means you will notice better handling & comfort, making it feel much safer.

Secondly, the instant torque makes the acceleration much more responsive and quicker. Making electric vehicles accelerate faster than normal motors.

Lastly, the smart tech involved in designing an electric car includes it’s regenerative braking system. This feeds energy back into the battery when easing off of the accelerator, making it  much more efficient. These advantages combine to make a much nicer driving experience but not only that it makes you less likely to be involved in a collision. On average electric vehicles have some of the lowest probabilities of crashing compared to any other.

Is an electric car cost effective?

The benefits of driving electric don’t just stop at the environment. They are also much more cost effective to run compared to an internal combustion engine vehicle.

Cheaper To Run

Electric vehicles are cheaper to run and cheaper to own over their lifetime. On average an EV costs roughly £2 for every 100 miles you drive it. The average equivalent petrol engine would cost around £12 for the same distance meaning an EV costs significantly less to run.

One benefit is that some councils and workplaces offer free charging points meaning your fuel is completely free! For even more savings, EV’s don’t pay road vehicle tax.

Cheaper To Maintain

Because there are less moving parts, there is less to go wrong. Batteries do wear out eventually but as there are no exhaust systems, fuel injection, radiators, starter motors or anything else related to an internal combustion engine, you are far less likely to break down.

Volkswagen ID3

Welcome to the future of motor vehicles, the ID.3 truly captures what it means to be futuristic. This car is not only at the very top of electrical efficiency, being able to charge up to 260 miles in just 30 minutes!

The real showstopper of this vehicle though are the many features it is packed with. From ‘Keyless Advanced’ technology, it will recognize you as you approach seamlessly unlocking as you get close. The built in sat-nav doubles as an innovative augmented reality (AR) display built into your windscreen, like something pulled straight out of a sci-fi film.

All of the brand new and innovative features can be seamlessly controlled by the car’s built in voice assistant so there’s no more fumbling for buttons whilst driving.

All of this plus the added knowledge that you’re driving a vehicle that is not only good for the environment but economically the best option, make this more than just a car. It is a real experience every time you get in. It’s a good job the battery has a long range as all you’ll want to do is drive this ingenious Volkswagen ID3.

Volkswagen ID3

Enquire About Leasing A Volkswagen ID3

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