Top 10 Benefits Of Renting A Car Exeter

Posted on 07 April 2020, by Billy Lang

A Shiny new car is what everyone wants, but renting can go much beyond that reason. With no worry about depreciation, you can drive a car with less monthly fees and maintenance.

1. A Better Car

You may be driving a better model of car than if you had bought one. The renting fee can be lower than other financial plans because you are effectively paying for the car depreciation for the length of your rental.

2. A Great Deal

Companies such as First Flexi Lease can get you a better deal. Because we are an independent company, we can get the best deal for our customers.

3. Drive A Reliable Car

You have a brand new model, which means your new rental is in the best condition. Usually covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, any issues can be sorted.

4. Latest Tech and Safety Features

Having the latest in-car tech is a key benefit of renting a vehicle. The new features will depend on the model you choose but these safety features can be great for improving the driving experience.

5. Avoid losing Money

Simple as no depreciation. You do not lose money as you are renting, so you do not need to worry about trying to recoup your hard-earned money.

6. Improving Your Monthly Spend

The advantage of renting is that, apart from fuel and insurance, most of the average costs of motoring are usually included. Always check when agreeing your rental what is covered under your agreement.

7. No Big Ticket Motoring Costs

The car will usually be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, giving you peace of mind. In addition, maintenance is usually covered as long as you are within your agreed mileage.

8. No MOT

New cars don’t require an MOT for the first 3 years, but by this time you will have moved on to another great car.

9. Just Hand The Car Back

Once you have finished your rental you can hand the car back with little hassle. You are renting the car, so it has never been easier!

10. No Trawling Around Dealerships

Because most rental companies work to find the best deal for their customers, we provide a better option. No more dealership finance and having to go from showroom to showroom trying to find the better deal.

First Flexi Lease Exeter

Here at First Flexi Lease, we have created a better car leasing model – because it’s rental. Our hassle-free agreements mean we are always in perfect harmony with your ideal vehicle aspirations. With us, you can enjoy choosing a brand new car every six months. This gives you the flexibility to drive the most appropriate vehicle on a continuous basis – you could choose a sports car for the summer and a 4×4 for the winter.

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