Car Leasing VS Buying

Whether you choose to lease or buy a car can seem like a difficult choice. On one had you will own your car if you buy, but leasing has many bonuses too. Here at First Flexi Lease we will show you just how great leasing your next car is and how the benefits can outweigh the need to buy you next car.

Should I Buy Or Lease a Car

Yes, if you buy your next car, it does have some pluses. Here we will show you why car leasing could be an option for you. First Flexi lease have some unique leasing conditions that make us stand out from other companies, these include:

  • No large upfront deposits
  • Good mileage allowance
  • No maintenance costs
  • No large final fees
  • A new car every 6-12 months


Hire Purchase or PCP

There is no need to worry about hire purchase and PCP payments with large payment costs. Leasing gives you a better option for more control over your finances. As we all know, vehicles lose some of their value within a short period of time and when you pay high monthly payments, this can seem like a waste of money. With First Flexi Lease payments, there is no need to worry, you know that you are paying for a great service. We have the ideal finance solution.

Find Out More Today

Find out more with First Flexi Lease. Our skilled team can help you find the perfect match for your requirement. Be it a small car to get you about or a van for your business, we have you covered and all at affordable prices. Call us on 01392 249 250, we are here to help.

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