Have You Heard Of Flexible Car Leasing Exeter?

Have you had a HP or PCP plan? Have you heard of flexible car leasing in Exeter? With a 6-12 month agreement it can be a much shorter term and get you the car or van you need, in less time than you think. We will show you why to choose First Flexi Lease.

The Other Payment Options

As most people are aware HP (Hire Purchase) is where you pay an initial deposit, then make monthly payments till the value of the vehicle is paid off. The down side of this can be you are limited by higher monthly payments and you will not own the car until the final payment has been made. Also, the vehicle payments will be more than the vehicle is worth by the end of the agreement.

PCP (Personal Contract Plan) usually includes a deposit, a contract between 2-5 years and a mileage allowance. Once you have finished your contracted monthly payments you will get options on how you want to proceed. Be aware you can be charged extra if you add mileage to your agreement, also if there is any damage, fees might apply. Interest can build much faster than HP.

Why Flexi Lease?

Since it is a rental, we have built a better car leasing model at First Flexi Lease. Our no-hassle contracts ensure that we are always in full sync with your ideal vehicle wants and needs. You can choose a brand new car every six months while you work with us. This allows you to drive the most suitable vehicle on a continuous basis – for example, you could select a sports car for the summer and a 4×4 for the winter. We can even provide the ideal van should you need one for your business, the perfect van lease.

We don’t charge large up front deposits. We give a generous mileage allowance of almost double the industry standard. Your VED will be pre-arranged so you drive away ready to go, with no credit checks, future servicing costs or value drops of any kind.

Great advantages to Flexible:-

–              No Credit Check required

–              No maintenance costs*

–              No large final payment

–              A new car every 6 – 12 months

–              No interest to pay

–              No losing money in the value of the car at the end of your agreement

–              No road tax

* You will need to inform us if work needs to be done to your car or van. You may be responsible for vehicle servicing.

Car Leasing Exeter

For car leasing in Exeter, contact First Flexi Lease today, for all the details you need. At the end of the agreement, you can choose another vehicle or just hand it back and walk away. There are no tie-ins. No end-of-deal balloon payments. Just call, tell us what you want and we’ll arrange it all. It could not be simpler.

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