Easy Tips For Keeping Your Rental Car Clean

When it comes to returning your rental car, it’s crucial that you bring it back to your hire company in a good condition. Although it doesn’t matter if the outside is dirty, you must look after the interior. If you don’t, you could be charged a valeting fee, and these aren’t usually cheap! So, to avoid incurring any additional costs, read our blog to find out our easy tips for keeping your rental car clean.

Make The Most Of Wipes

Wipes are incredibly handy to keep your rental car free from dirt, grime and sticky residues. They are also cheap and ideal for quick, ‘on the go’ cleaning. What’s more, you can even buy anti-bacterial, disinfectant wipes to help remove harmful bacteria from surfaces. This is particularly useful for cleaning the steering wheel and interior door handles.

Remove Rubbish From Your Rental Car

Keeping your rental car free from rubbish can minimise the time you spend cleaning the vehicle before you return it. To help keep the car in good nick, remember to remove any leftover litter or rubbish at the end of each day. Alternatively, use a plastic bag as a designated car bin for the duration of your hire. This way, all of your rubbish will be in one place and easy to remove at the end of your trip.

Dust Off Your Shoes

Car mats can be a nuisance to keep clean. So, if you know that you will be visiting any dusty or sandy locations, think ahead. Avoid stepping into the car if your shoes are particularly dirty, as this can be hard to remove from the carpets. Instead, make sure to give them a good shake before placing your feet on the mats. You could also bring a pair of ‘driving shoes’ and store any dirty ones away in a bag.

Rental car mats

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