Contract Hire Exeter

Have you heard of contract hire in Exeter? Unless you have a business then probably not. The great thing about contract hire is that it has many bonuses when it comes to claiming VAT back. This is done through your leasing agreement with us and we will explain the difference a contract hire can have to your business.

Is Contract Hire the Same as Leasing

On the face of it, there is not much difference between a normal leasing agreement and a contract hire option. Contract hire agreement differ in that everything is laid out for the duration of the leasing period. This includes mileage, maintenance and how long the lease will last through monthly payments and of course you will be able to claim the VAT back on your monthly payments. So, if you’re a VAT registered company, you will make money back. A win for everyone.

How Does Contract Hire Work

Contract hire works simply and comes with many advantages. Contact us here at First Flexi Lease and we can go through the process and how it can work perfectly for you and your business. The advantages include: –

  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Good mileage and contract duration
  • Possible maintenance package
  • No large deposit payments
  • Flexible invoice choices

Start your journey to getting a brand-new car or van. This is a great choice for your business, and it is simply laid out, with no hidden costs or contract surprises.

Contract Hire and Leasing

For your contract hire and leasing of your next vehicle, come to First Flexi Lease and we will show you how great we are and how we are different to other leasing options. Our skilled team can find the ideal vehicle match for you, all at a great price. Contact us on 01392 249 250 and we can go through the starting steps of getting you on the road in no time.

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