Choosing The Best Finance Solution For Leasing

At First Flexi Lease, we understand that a finance solution is not just used for the automobile industry. Finance solutions are needed for a variety of sectors & industries like commercial & plant machinery to green energy & hospitality. It is vital that you choose the right leasing solution depending on your businesses financial solution and your own individual requirements. We provide advice, clear correspondence and a dedicated service to ensure that you make the best decision for your business.

Importance of Choosing Correct Finance Solution For Your Business

The key objective of deciding on financing sources is to use a financial performance that maximises your businesses worth. It is therefore vital that you choose the right leasing option depending on how you will be using the using the different sources and how long the lease will last for your business. Some of the most popular finance solution industries are listed below.

FF benefits car hire

Vehicle Finance

Vehicle finance is one of the most common finance solutions for businesses and individuals. There are a variety of terms available for businesses when financing a vehicle, some will require larger grade vehicles for transportation whereas other businesses may only require a small transporter. The option for on & off balance sheet funding is a very important factor to consider when financing a vehicle, as it will enable you to keep track of all financial movement on the vehicle. At First Flexi Lease, we offer the following vehicle finance solution options for over a variety of terms:

office equipment

Office Equipment Hire

Office equipment is vital for how a business runs day to day. Items such as desks, chairs, telecoms and more are all important for businesses so that there employees can maximize their efficiency. Commercial hire does not stop there however, computers, desktops, printers monitors and everything can all be covered by a repayment scheme.

Property Finance Solution

Another common finance solution is the leasing of property. Property development financing is typically in the form of short-term loans to pay the costs of transforming an existing property or developing land into flats, homes in multiple occupation (HMOs), or other uses. It’s usually given as a loan, with the property or land asset as collateral. First Flexi Lease have an expert team om every area of property finance, including:

Finance Solutions Exeter

For a variety of finance solutions across a range of industries and sectors, contact First Flexi Lease. We provide advice, clear correspondence and a dedicated service to ensure all of your individual requirements are met. We will help you make the best decision for your business.

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