Car Leasing: What You Need To Know

Car leasing is a great way for businesses and individuals to enjoy all the benefits of a brand-new vehicle, tailored to their needs, without committing to a purchase.

With flexible leases and a variety of vehicles to choose from, it’s a wonder why everyone isn’t leasing instead of buying.

However, before you go rushing into leasing your own car, it’s important to know all the necessary details to get the perfect vehicle and arrangement to suit your needs.


Leasing The Right Car For Your Needs

The type of vehicle you opt for will directly affect your business or day-to-day routine. That’s why it’s important to pick the right one for you.

If you’re going to be using your vehicle for deliveries, then a large van would be advisable. Alternatively, you could be looking for a commuting vehicle to and from the office. For this, we would advise a small, economical vehicle.

Whatever you choose to opt for when leasing your car, be sure to check that your leasing contractor operates strictly under FLA regulations. Here at First Flexi, we pride ourselves on our transparency and honest business etiquette to ensure everyone is happy and everything is above board.

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Finances, Fees And Your Warranty

Before rushing into car leasing, you’re going to want to consider a few financial and contractual details.


First of all, we need to consider any mandatory deposits. The joy of leasing a car is about avoiding large payments, that’s why at First Flexi, there are no large fees needed to lease one of our vehicles. This is a big factor, because a huge deposit to start with, will often defeat the object of leasing in the first place.

Mileage Limits

Secondly, mileage limits play a big part in your car leasing contract. You’re going to want to choose the right limit for you, to avoid any additional charges that come with breaching your maximum. Additionally its important to know that all maintenance and repairs only operate within your allocated mileage limit.

Warranty & Hidden Fees

Perhaps the most important aspect of all to consider is the fees that come with your car leasing. It’s advised to read your contract and speak to your advisor about any fees included.

First Flexi prioritises transparency, and promises no hidden fees, especially at the start or end of your contract.

What’s more, we offer an all-inclusive manufacturer’s warranty on every new vehicle we lease to you, to ensure peace of mind.

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Insurance, Tax & Maintaining Your Car Leasing

It’s important to look into what’s required, once the car is in your hands. Insurance is mandatory for all vehicles using UK roads. However, at Frist Flexi, we are proud to cover all your road tax, and maintenance or repairs over the period of your contract.

These kinds of additional services are what you should be looking for when leasing a car. Going above and beyond for a customer indicates the company you’re leasing from cares.

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Choose First Flexi to Lease Your Car

With all tax and maintenance covered, get in touch with First Flexi for all your car leasing needs. We promise a smooth and hassle-free process when connecting you with the perfect vehicle.

Visit our website to view the huge range of options and special offers, with no credit check required and generous mileage allowances, you could be driving the vehicle of your dreams today.

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