How Does Car Leasing Work?

A question people are often asking is how does car leasing work? As specialists in the industry, First Flexi Lease have all the answers for you and we also offer full support for our customers throughout their time with us. This blog will outline the important information about leasing a vehicle, but if you still have questions for our experts, be sure to call us on 01392 249250 and we will be happy to help.

Our Leasing Options

Our car leasing agreements at First Flexi Lease vary from 6 to 12 months. You may change the car you are leasing at the end of the contract period, or you may re-lease the one you previously had if you liked it that much! There are also no maintenance expenses or balloon fees at the end of the contract since you are simply renting it. We take pride in being lenient and listening to our clients’ wishes in their contracts so that we can build something that works best for you. We also lease vans, which is a great choice for those who only need one for a short period of time for work or pleasure; we would be happy to find something that suits you.

We do not just offer short term options as there are other contracts which allow you to lease the vehicle for 2 or more years. There is also the option to rent to buy, but to find out more about this we suggest visiting out website or calling our friendly team today on 01932 249250.

What Checks Are Involved With Car Leasing?

The key check involved with car leasing is on your credit score because we need to ensure that we can rely on you to make the payments. Of course, the higher your credit score, the better. It might be worthwhile to verify this for yourself online before leasing a vehicle, just as you would if you were getting a loan for something else, such as a home. You may discover that you need to spend some time improving your credit score before taking the next step. If you are uncertain, you can always come to us and we will tell you if you are qualified.

Checking your credit score will also show further details about yourself which we can use to confirm your identity too. If we feel you are not in the position to be leasing one of our vehicles, we can turn you away, but we hope you understand this is not because we do not want you as a customer.

Car Leasing Exeter

We provide expert car leasing in Exeter for domestic or commercial use. We at First Flexi Lease have a great selection of cars available and leasing options to fit a range of budgets. To get your hands on a new car or van today, be sure to give our team a call on 01932 249250! A member of our team will talk through the best options for you and ensure you are completely happy before you drive away.

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