Car And Van Leasing Exeter

When it comes to leasing a car or van many think there are too many hurdles to getting the vehicle, but this is far from the case. Being prepared and being aware of all the details you need to know will have you driving your ideal car or having the right van for your business. First Flexi Lease have the guide to car and van leasing in Exeter. We will show you just how right it is for you and will get you driving away in a brand-new vehicle in no time.

Who Can Lease A Car Or Van?

Do you have a full driving license? If the answer is yes, you are pretty much all the way to leasing a car or van. Simple as that, what car or van will you pick?

Does My Lease Include Insurance?

In our agreements, insurance is not included but with many companies that do provide insurance, they are rarely adequate to cover the needs of the vehicle in case of an accident. Find the ideal policy for your new leased vehicle and ensure it has all the cover it needs.

Should I Lease A Car Or Van?

Leasing a car or van has many bonuses, as you will get a vehicle in the best condition. Also, if you want to change to either a better car at the end of the contract when you renew or expand your fleet if you are looking for leasing a vehicle for business purposes, then leasing is ideal for you.

Van leasing is a great choice for many businesses when buying is not right for your company at the moment. It allows your business to expand without the need for large expenditure.

Is Car Or Van Leasing Better Than Buying?

As we have said above if you do not have the capital to pay for a new vehicle, leasing is the ideal option for getting a brand-new vehicle. When it comes to depreciation, a brand-new car will typically lose in the range of 15% to 35% of its value, however this depends on the model and make. When it comes to more expensive models this can be even more. So, yes car or van leasing can be better than buying. You get a shiny new car without having to worry about the loss in value when it becomes time to sell.

Car Leasing Exeter

If you want the best car leasing in Exeter, look no further than First Flexi Lease. We hope you can find the ideal car and van leasing with us. Our expert team are here to advise and guide you through each step of the process. Contact us on 01392 249250 and discover the difference we can make when you lease your vehicle with us.

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