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Buying A De-Fleeted Vehicle Exeter

Posted on 03 April 2020, by Billy Lang

There seems to be mystery or risk surrounding buying a de-fleeted vehicle. However, they can prove to be a cost effective and trustworthy way to purchase a vehicle. Do you know the questions to ask and do you know what to look for?

How Was The Vehicle Used?

Depending on where you are buying your vehicle from and how it was used previously, this is always a good place to start. Ask whether the vehicle was owned or part of a leasing fleet. If part of a leasing fleet they will tend to have a good service history. It’s important to ask this question so you have a good idea of where the vehicle has started its life.

Is It In Good Condition?

Most vehicles will be in good condition as there would have been strict rules on how these vehicles can be used, such as no smoking or a great maintenance and service record. Always double check these and take a look at the vehicle in person – a good seller will never refuse! Check that the vehicle has not been in any accidents and if they have, check that all repairs have been carried out in good order.

Are They Value For Money?

Yes, they can be. However always check that everything is in place and up to date. If it seems to be to good too be true, you know the saying. Find a trusted seller that is able to give you all the information you need and is happy for you to do your own checks.

Where Can You Buy A De-Fleeted Vehicle Exeter?

Based in Exeter, First Flexi Lease have a choice of De-Fleeted vehicles to choose from. With our premium customer service experience, we want our clients to drive away with their perfect vehicle. Call 01392 249 250 or take a look at the De-Fleeted page to see our selection of vehicles available.

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