Buying A De-Fleeted Vehicle Exeter

There is a common misconception around purchasing a de-fleeted vehicle with regards to them not being worth the money. However, they can be very cost-effective and trustworthy cars, making them a solid option to purchase a vehicle.

We have compiled a series of questions to ask when buying a de-fleeted vehicle. These questions will help guide your decision and show you what to look for.

Find Out How Was The Vehicle Used

This is always a great place to start the conversation. Depending on where you’re purchasing the vehicle from you may already have an idea but it is always worth asking this question to determine it’s day to day activity.

It’s always wise to ask whether the vehicle was owned by the company or part of a leasing fleet. If the car was part of a leasing fleet then the likelihood is that it has great service history.

Asking these 2 simple questions will allow you to start forming an informed decision on whether the vehicle is a good deal or not. 

Here at First Flexi lease, we are proud to offer exceptionally high quality examples of de-fleeted vehicles.

Is The Vehicle In Good Condition?

This question is pretty self-explanatory, however, asking more in-depth questions about any work that has been required are important factors when determining whether you want to purchase the vehicle.

Most de-fleeted vehicles will be in a good condition as there are many strict rules in place as to how these vehicles can be used. These may include no smoking, great service record/ maintenance upkeep.

Find out whether the vehicle has previously been in any collisions or accidents prior to purchasing. It may not be an issue if it has, just check that all repairs have been carried out to a good standard.

Are De-Fleeted Vehicles Good Value For Money?

This depends greatly on the vehicle, however most defleeted vehicles are good value for money. It’s best to always check that documentation and service history is all in place and up to date.

Trusted sellers will be able to give you as much information as you require and would be more than happy for you to do your own checks.

Where Can You Buy A De-Fleeted Vehicle Exeter?

We offer a wide selection of defleeted vehicles in Exeter, at an affordable and competitive rate.

Our premium customer service means we make sure that all of our customers drive away with their perfect vehicle. Call 01392 249 250 or take a look at the de-fleeted page to see our selection of vehicles available.

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